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Preparing Your Home For Sale

Presentation wins every time.  We see well presented homes regularly out selling their competition all through a bit of care and attention to detail which doesn't necessarily cost a lot of money. First impressions count.  Stand on the other side of the street and take a critical look at your property.


  • Hedges and fences tidy and painted
  • Letter box in good condition
  • Garden tidy, trim back overgrown shrubs
  • Window frames and fascia boards - any peeling paint?
  • Front path and front door.  Sweep dust, dirt and leaves away.  Hose down front door, porch and garage door
  • Water blast mossy paths
  • Clean out spoutings especially if you can see grass growing


  • Be aware of those animal odours.  You may not smell them but others will.  Some air fresheners may be required
  • Remove all clutter, put nic nacs away, position furniture to leave plenty of floor space.  If needs be hire storage space and store clutter there
  • Bathroom - wipe away any mould and repaint damaged surfaces
  • Bedrooms - clothes in wardrobes, beds made, wipe away any signs of mildew
  • Kitchen - clean oven, wipe any greasy surfaces, tidy pantry.  Fix any broken or damaged doors or hinges
  • Living areas - clean, tidy and no clutter 


  • Floor coverings - have carpets cleaned, if really bad replace
  • Windows - clean inside and out and wipe mildew off frames
  • Any damaged wall surfaces should be repaired and repainted
  • Curtains/drapes - have cleaned if needs be, sometimes may need to replace if mouldy
  • Have garage sale and get rid of unwanted goods